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Love Letters: EPUB

Fourteen-year-old Jared Yates has developed a monstrous crush on the hottest guy in school. Eighteen-year-old Thad Maxfield is the high school varsity basketball center and the handsome six-foot three inch babe wouldn’t look Jared’s way if he was the last kid on earth. Jared decides to confess his love for Thad in a series of love letters stuffed into the older guy’s locker each morning leading up to Valentine’s Day.


Once the notes begin to arrive, Thad is suddenly flattered, wondering who the girl could be. Thad formulates his own plan to find out who his admirer is and stakes out his locker early one morning, only finding to his utter surprise, Jared Yates, a kid he knows only from his face at basketball games and the local burger joint, running away from his locker. Thad decides to start a note campaign of his own, intrigued by his own awakening feelings for the young man. When Jared and he finally meet in the sports equipment room, the sparks ignite in a sweet and special way, turning Valentine’s Day into a day neither boy will ever forget.

Last updated 2014-02-22 17:35:13

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