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Master's Boys
Master's Boys









Wade is a throwaway, forced into prostitution at fourteen and living on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Nearly four years later, and now calling himself Trick, he’s still struggling to survive. While huddled in a doorway on a cold rainy morning, he thanks his lucky stars when an expensive Mercedes pulls up and rolls down a window.

Phoenix, known as Master P, may be a big intimidating Dom, but he has a soft spot for vulnerable young men. When he sees a homeless kid trembling in the cold, he has to stop and pick him up. What he finds is a boy with a naturally submissive nature and a damaged soul. As he begins to train the boy at the online BDSM club where he’s employed, DOMZ.com, they form a fast and explosive combination.

When Trick begins to fall for his big Dom, Phoenix is forced to tell him that this is only play. The resulting fallout will shake Phoenix to his very core. Is this chance encounter doomed for failure or can the two men find a balance?

Jett's a tough kid, fighting his way through life and slinging dope to survive on the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles. When he’s arrested in a dragnet meant to clear the streets of dealers like him, Jett sees no way out. Danger awaits him in prison or in the hood. But Detective Cassidy Ryan sees potential in the handsome young man and asks a friend to help.

Phoenix, the illustrious Master P, is well-known for his love of submissive young men, and won’t turn down a friend’s request to help a troubled young man find his way. Cut from different cloth, but very much the same, Phoenix and Jett can only bump heads until a revelation causes Terrance—Master T—to take over as Jett’s training. 

Master T is known for his direct, unyielding approach with his submissives. He won’t allow Jett to hide anything from him, intent on breaking down every emotional wall and finding the core submissive spirit hidden within. Will Jett find a way to connect with Master T or will his fears prevent him from accepting his true nature?

Kaden Markwell, spoiled rich kid, has always chosen the hard way to learn life’s lessons, though he doesn’t see it that way. Now that he’s been caught in an act that, should it get out, will embarrass his millionaire father and ruin his mother’s career, he’s taken things a step too far. Kaden has no choice but to finally do what his daddy says as he’s sent off to an old family friend to get his act together.

At DOMZ.com, Kaden is not the one calling the shots anymore, and his good looks and boyish charms are more likely to leave him gagged and hogtied than with his way. When Master R, a renowned Shibari rope master, steps in to show the rebellious Kaden a thing or two about control, will they find Kaden’s inner submissive or will the experience leave them both tied in knots?

Grit is a kid who’s run the gauntlet. Suffering tragedy at a tender age and coping with it the only way he knew how, the boy has lived a lifetime in his eighteen years. Forced out of the only home he’s ever known and onto the mean streets of Los Angeles, Grit must find the means to survive but does he have the will anymore? 

When two unlikely heroes step into his life, Grit reluctantly accepts the safety they appear to offer. Thrust into a world where he can only observe and not participate even if he’d wanted to, Grit learns to cope—with his past and his future. After all, he always lands on his feet. 

A chance meeting with an incredible dominating man turns Grit’s world upside down. Where Grit has always made his own rules, this Master wants to control him, and Grit's desire to please this tender-hearted man shifts his tightly controlled world on its axis. Can Grit embrace the changes in his life, and will the control of this Master lead Grit to the freedom he searches for?

Stix is a young man who’s just trying to make his way. Nearly five years ago he’d lost his first job when he was caught in the barn with the farmer’s son. He counted himself fortunate to have found work at the Lazy E Dude Ranch and Winery in rural Westburg, Texas. What’s more, Stix has always known he was different. Horses and leather are all he’s ever known and loved but he craves something more.

Forced to do what he had to do to survive a brutal past, Con is jaded and angry at life. When his twin is nearly killed in a car accident, he takes the first job he can find to pay for her special care needs. He tries to put the past behind him, only to find that it comes back with a vengeance to slap him in the face. Desperate and alone, he is literally brought to his knees to do what he must for her.

Con finds the online sex business pretty stimulating and when a hot Dom steps up to teach him a thing or two, he finds himself extremely interested in learning more. Con obtains a world of salvation along with his freedom at DOMZ.com.

Secrets was written for all of you reality TV fans and readers of series novels. When you finish a series, aren’t there always questions still running through your head about what happened to the characters? After all, they remain as alive in our heads as they were when we were reading about them. 
Join Promohomo as he sits down on the couch with all of the Doms and their subs, the author, and the wildly popular Vesper for one interesting interview where all manner of confidences will be revealed. Come and enjoy the world of DOMZ.com and the sexy, naked underbelly of its favorite characters as we attempt to learn all their secrets.
25% of all Proceeds to benefit The Trevor Project.

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