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The Assasins
The Assasins

Verified Kill

Confirmed Kill

Demonstrated Kill


Ichiro Hayashi has been hired to kill a man whose actions threaten to bring down a political empire which stretches across oceans. Hayashi, an assassin trained in the ancient art of the Ninja, has only one sacred duty… he must carry out his mission, or die trying. The kill should be simple yet the target is unsophisticated and without protection. These things give Ichiro pause and he wonders why anyone would want this particular man’s life destroyed.

A young Russian is a marked man. He’s been forced to flee his home, his way of life, and the only man he’s ever loved. When the young man escapes to the US he finds the man who means everything to him has been lost to him, believing him dead. When he is suddenly confronted with an angel of death in the form of a devastatingly handsome assassin, broken-hearted Vasili welcomes his fate.


The twists and turns continue when Ichiro finds his lover threatened, and he suddenly knows that he must rise to the challenge and face the man who wants them both dead. Can he? Injured and alone, his target will learn… the Ninja has secrets of his own.

Demonstrated Kill Blurb: Kai Thundercloud is an assassin trained by the US military. Now working undercover for the LAPD, he will be forced to make the toughest decision of his life and he faces his last task with dread… assassinate a man he’d once fallen in love with. Bob Crowley is the brilliant head of the LAPD gang unit versed in the language of the streets and it has earned him powerful enemies. A quiet man and a workaholic personality have made him friends on the force but no one knows of the love he once lost. The LAPD is no place to be out and proud. When Bob is suddenly accused of attempted murder, an LAPD friend Cassidy Ryan is convinced of Crowley’s innocence. When fate intercedes and Bob and his ex-lover are inexplicably reunited under the most dangerous of circumstances, Cassidy is shocked to see Thundercloud, another old friend from the LAPD, exposed for who he really is. Murder, intrigue, addiction, and betrayal abound in the conclusion of the three “Assassins” novels. Will Crowley survive his lover’s task… or fall victim to… a demonstrated kill?

Walker Easton has chosen a life of solitude and it’s always suited him well. When a young lover is viciously taken from him, he begins to reevaluate his connection with Emilio. Could he have saved the young man, had he resisted the deep seated desire to belong to someone? Lost and uncertain for the first time in his life, his bravado is slipping away. When he’s given his next filthy assignment, he remembers Emilio’s final words to him… “Who will grieve for you when you are gone, Walker?” His next choices set him on a dangerous path where there is no turning back and when an old friend gets in the way, he has an impossible decision to make.

Callum Tryst is a dangerous man in his own right. Young and cocky and undeniably one of the finest assassins alive, he goes after a target not knowing that there is one painted on his own back. When he crosses paths with a career sniper, he finally meets his match… or does he? Callum learns the hard way that perhaps the best weapon against his enemy is another enemy. He finds himself asking the question, “If I’ve never ever cared about anyone, did I ever really matter?”

Join the pair as they meet out justice as only they know how, in a desperate fight to the finish… and the discovery that the fight is not as they always assumed it to be. Assumptions get you killed… and dead men cannot love.

jean jp kage lisaw lorraine mpw nelson pet

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