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Dallas PDF
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Dallas PDF

Invitation Only, a hot new BDSM club in Texas has a new dominant by the name of Dallas Wagner but when the cowboy begins to question his own dominant nature, he learns that a newly hired blond God named Gabriel may be just the man to show him who he truly is inside. Cuss O’Brien, also known as Master C, is a big tough dominant who doesn’t believe in love. Having had success working over a vacationing submissive named Stix at a DOMZ.com, a Los Angeles based online BDSM club, he loses sight of what’s really become important in his life… what, or better still… who. When Stix calls it quits because his Dom won’t commit and returns to Texas, Cuss wonders if letting the cowhand slip though his fingers has been the worst mistake of his life How will Dallas deal with his newly submissive tendencies? Will Cuss finally settle down with one man who will make him believe there really is something called love? And, will Stix be able to settle for a vanilla relationship and commit to the new man in his life with no regrets? Things are about to heat up at Invitation Only and burn brighter than ever. One Dom, one sub, and a switch will fan the flames and find love everlasting.

Last updated 2015-06-13 17:50:23

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