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Happy New Year from Invitation Only


Wade sat on a stool with his back against the long bar at his BDSM club, Invitation Only. His gorgeous husband and Dominant, Phoenix, sat beside him with his muscled arm laid out on the bar behind his back. Phoenix’s thumb tapped out a rhythm between Wade’s shoulders matching the thumping beat coming from the huge speakers on either side of the DJ booth. Dancers moved on the large square dance floor underneath silver, black, and blue balloons filled with helium which stuck to the ceiling above them. The air was festive, the party nearing its conclusion as the hands of the clock crept ever closer to midnight. 2014 was nearing a close and 2015 promised to be an even better year for the club and for Wade and Phoenix who loved each other very much.

 The Christmas Fantasy


Slade Devlin showered the sweat of the day away as he stood under the strong spray, letting the heat seep into his muscles, curing the aches he inevitably suffered after a long week working at Austin Plumbers. Slade was a master plumber and he spent his days climbing ladders, crawling under houses and sinks, and digging ditches to install sprinkler systems. It was a physical job but since Slade had little time to work out at a fancy gym, it kept his six and a half foot tall frame in pretty good shape. He rinsed his body of foamy soap bubbles and shut off the spray, stepping out onto the bathroom rug and reaching for a fluffy white towel. The bathroom was fogged and he dried off quickly, walking over to the bathroom sink where he reached out and wiped across the mirror. Slade was mostly happy with the reflection that stared back at him.

Zack pushed open the door to the playroom and Cassidy walked inside. He was quivering with anticipation, excited and scared all at once.

“Take off your clothes, boy,” Zack growled.

Cassidy looked over to his Dom, loving the tone of Zack’s voice. He knew his lover liked to build his anticipation about what would happen, once they walked into their playroom.

“Yes, Sir.” Cassidy began stripping as Zack stood close by with his hands on both hips. He could tell the Dom was watching him closely and it made him hotter than hell.

“That’s right, boy. You are going to love what I have planned.”


Promoting, Facebook, and etiquette

I’ve been on Facebook for about three and a half years; I didn’t discover social media until I’d been published about 6 months and I realized after receiving my second royalty check, that I needed to do something to beef up my promo. Sure, I knew what FB was and my kids had been avid users of it as well as MySpace before it, but I never thought that it was something I’d be interested in. Besides, I just didn’t know that many people. First I set up an account in my own name and searched for friends that were active. Suddenly, I realized that I knew ten people. LOL. Since I was newly published, I decided that it would be best if I set up an author profile using my pseudonym at the encouragement of my publisher, so that became my Patricia Logan profile. I began to friend every author I could find starting with the ones who I was reading at the time. In those days, I still had the leisure of time for my reading and I had quite a lot of MM authors that I wanted to get to know.

Today, I am participating in the hop against homophobia and transphobia and I thought long and hard before deciding upon a topic. I looked back at my life trying to decide how to best approach this topic and finally landed on sharing my experiences with people who have made an impact on my life. The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia is May 17th and here is their link: http://dayagainsthomophobia.org/ and here is the link back to the main page to read so many amazing posts: http://hopagainsthomophobia.blogspot.com/ 

As a youngster, I didn’t know what a gay person was. I lived in a bubble with my atheist/former Catholic father at the helm and a born again Christian mother who did most of the talking to my brother and I about the important issues and what kind of people we should grow up to be. I have to give them both credit. Neither one ever put down gay people or used slurs to describe them and in fact, my earliest memory of a comment at the dinner table was when we had just acquired our stereo console unit for the living room. I was eight or nine years old and was fascinated with the fact that we could now play records on in our own home. My mom and dad went on a shopping trip and mom came home with a Liberace album. I can remember a discussion between my parents about Liberace and his questionable sexuality. In those days I’d never heard about men being interested in men or women being interested in women.